Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010 BlogPoll Final Ballot

Monday's BCS title game wasn't even close to what I expected. Both offenses struggled to get going on a newly sodded field, and it became a defensive struggle most of the way. (What Einstein decided to put down a new field days before the biggest game of the year anyway???) Truth be told, I think it was less the defense and more two teams not playing well. I wouldn't call this one a classic or a great game, but it definitely had an exciting finish. As such, I'm only dropping Oregon to second. TCU goes undefeated, but frankly, I still think Oregon's the better team.
After all that, the rest of the Top Ten fell into place nicely. Then, we started to run into all the teams that lost. A lot of people thought Nebraska shouldn't be ranked after that horrible Holiday Bowl performance. That point disappeared when you had to stop and figure out who should be ranked ahead of them.  Hard to rank eight or nine win teams ahead of the Huskers, so I'm leaving them at #20.  I'll probably get a homer award for it.

That's the draft ballot.  Any feedback before it goes final in a day or so?

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