Tuesday, February 05, 2013

UNO Maverick Outdoor Hockey Forecast Improving

Ice installation continues at TD Ameritrade Park as I write. Logos on the boards are changing, and it appears they are readying the logos in the ice as well.
Ideally, this would be done already so the ice is seasoned by Saturday, but we're not dealing in an ideal world.  This Saturday isn't going to be about a perfect environment, but rather, an environment that we've never had the privilege to take in before, and may never again.  When kids played hockey outside in the past, the ice wasn't perfect.  And the ice won't be perfect on Saturday.  Of course, the ice is rarely perfect at the CenturyLink Center either, especially when MECA only allows three hours for the transition between basketball and hockey.

So how's the weather?  I'm getting a good feeling on the weather for Saturday.  Still talking low to middle 40's for an afternoon high, and the precipitation chances seem to be dropping for game time.  The storm pattern seems to be slowing down; KSHB's Gary Lezak now suggests that the storm may hit the area on Sunday and Monday.  And yes, he used the word "blizzard" again for next week.  Which was my big fear in December; thankfully, it's now looking to be a day or two after the big game.

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