Friday, July 26, 2013

The Most Annoying Sounds in Omaha Sports Radio

Last week's announcement that Nick Bahe was returning to Omaha's airwaves wasn't a surprise.  When he announced he was leaving 93.7 radio in Lincoln in May, you had to assume he was heading back to Omaha. At that time, though, I figured it was to KXSP (590 AM) to replace Michael Grey, who had just flown off to Seattle.
But once KOZN-1620 AM obtained the rights to Creighton basketball, 590 looked unlikely and 1620 seemed to be the destination.  The big surprise is that Bahe is bumping the Jim Rome show to weakling sister station 1180 "the Mister Microphone".  Bold move by 1620 to go completely local from 7 am to 6 pm daily... and especially to bypass Rome.  I'm not a fan of Rome; his schtick has gotten incredibly tired over the years.  If you get on Rome's bad side, he's merciless.  Remember how he ripped on "Beau Bridges" (err... Bill Callahan) during his time in Lincoln?  Granted, Billy C deserved plenty of criticism, but Rome's was pretty myopic.

On the other side, if you appeared on his show, Rome treats you with kid gloves. He throws softball questions, and afterwards, calls the interview "epic".  Bo Pelini has appeared on Rome several times and gets positive pub every time.

But is Bahe's show going to be any better? The Schick and Nick show got old pretty fast, and I suspect that Bahe going solo will be the same.  He'll have an audience though, but for me, 1620 will be dead after 11 am.

It got me thinking about the most annoying sounds in Omaha sports radio.  Here's my list of the most annoying sounds in Omaha sports radio, in no particular order.

Petros Papadakis: When he sings "OHHHH YEAAAAAHHH" to continue "Each One Teach One", that's sends me racing to change the radio in the car.  Simply bad radio.

Jim Rose:  Just about anything he does with sports is bad. Last week, I listened to Rose's sports report for the first time in nearly a year, and Rosey informed me that UNO's Tony Turgeon had been drafted by the NHL's Florida Panthers.  Uh no... it was a free agent deal. Closer than all of the Misinformation he spewed, trying to defend Steve Pederson and Bill Callahan, though.  Still wrong.

Jim Rome: The Friday scream might be the only thing that tops Petros...

Nick Bahe:  That laugh...oh, that laugh...   Nails meet chalkboard, and unlike Petros and Rome, it happens multiple times each show.

Matt Perrault and Travis Justice:  Thankfully gone...

Anybody/anything that I missed?

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