Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Shouldn't Creighton Fans Have More Questions About the Baylor Blowout?

I don't follow Creighton basketball closely at all. I'm not a fan of the program, and I'm definitely not a fan of some of the come-lately fans on the Bluejay bandwagon. I haven't watched any Creighton games since the Nebraska game last December until turning on Sunday's NCAA tournament third round game against Baylor at halftime.

I thought about tweeting some snarky comments such as "#wraggeBricks" as the Bears began to pull away from the Bluejays, but held back. Guess I didn't see the point of trolling Creighton fans.

That didn't stop some Creighton fans from accusing Sam McKewon from the Omaha World-Herald of trolling them on Twitter after the game.

More specifically, he compared Creighton's loss to the 2012 Big Ten football championship game when #wisconsinScoresAgain.
Some thought that McKewon was suggesting that Creighton coach Greg McDermott should be fired, but that's not what McKewon was saying. Asking questions about why and how a team could flop on such a  massive scale isn't the same as putting a coach on the hot seat. That being said, some Husker fans escalated criticism to a call to fire Pelini - so I see where the connection was made.

Still, why aren't Creighton fans more upset? Frankly, it seems that they were expecting this to happen sooner rather than later, let alone never.
I heard similar reactions on the radio Monday morning. For having a two time all-American basketball player, not getting to the Sweet 16 at least once during his career would seem to be a major shortcoming. Their best shot might have been two years ago. And they might have had a chance if they hadn't chosen to goon things up that afternoon.

Or maybe McKewon wasn't so much questioning Creighton fans as much as questioning Husker fans reactions to the 2012 Big Ten Championship game. Yes, it was a brutal beatdown, but it's not like Husker fans weren't aware of Nebraska's defensive weaknesses. And fans who pay any attention to the program should have recognized that Pelini already had answers to those weaknesses in the pipeline. Even a guy like me that tries to ignore recruiting hype knew that Pelini had been actively recruiting to fill the holes that Wisconsin exploited.

Maybe Husker fan could learn a little bit from Creighton fan this week.

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