Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Another Classic from Nebraska's Worst Sports Columnist

I try to avoid reading him as much as possible, but sometimes it's simply too difficult to avoid Dirk Chatelain, especially when the World-Herald sticks him on the front page of the sports section.  Like they did last week:
All it took was one sentence to make me roll my eyes:
"Sorry, Jim Delany ain't scheduling any press conferences here."

I could have sworn he just did one. In fact, I've got the proof.
There he was, meeting the media in Omaha. Barely a week prior to this column, I might add. Many of his co-workers were there.  In fact, I was there.

Was Dirk taking literary license there?  Probably.  Some might call Delany's session with reports a "question and answer" session instead of a formal press conference.  That might be technically accurate, but let's face it. There was Delany, fielding questions from the press. In Nebraska.

I've criticized Chatelain's attempts at analysis time after time. Maybe when he writes feature stories he can get away with twisting the facts a bit.  But not when the facts are pretty well known.

So it's easy for me to say "consider the source" to dismiss his conclusions. Sadly, some people still don't recognize that.

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