Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summertime...And The Blogging Is Sparse

It's been a really busy summer, and I'm waaaaay behind. How far behind? I'm only up to game five on my CornNation Husker opponent previews, with just six weeks until the season opener.

Speaking of which, anybody else disappointed with the kickoff times for the first couple of Husker games? 2:30 for Florida Atlantic is OK, but there is no reason to schedule the McNeese State game for 11 am. The official excuse seems to be to "protect" the Big Ten's primetime games those weeks, which is just plain silly.

Here's a thought for Labor Day weekend. If you want to "protect" Wisconsin's game against LSU, play it on Sunday. The NFL isn't playing that weekend. There's no need to squeeze the games on Saturday that weekend.

It's been a month since the World-Herald reported that the FXFL would play downtown at TD Ameritrade Park. But nothing since. I'd love to see pro football in Omaha, but it's just about too late to make a serious plan together for 2014. And with the bad taste from the UFL still lingering in Omaha, it's ill advised fora new league to start by making the same mistakes the UFL did to seal their failure.

Speaking of minor leagues, I see that attendance continues to drop out at Sarpy County's Boondoggle, aka the Trailer Park. And with Alamo Drafthouse relocating a few miles to the north, the promised development that supposedly justified this mistake remains a pipe dream as we near the end of the fourth season.

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