Saturday, November 07, 2015

Let Me Clear My Throat: Huskers Get Upset Win Against Sparty

As Tommy Armstrong released the game winning touchdown pass, I saw that Brandon Reilly was out of bounds. So when he caught the ball, I held my celebration. And after the officials discussed whether or not Reilly was pushed out of bounds, I held my celebration. And knowing that it would be reviewed, I still held my celebration.

Too bad for me...I missed the first three opportunities to celebrated...but I didn't miss the fourth, once the review was over. (Turns out that this type of judgement call can't be reviewed anyway.) And I certainly didn't miss the fifth and final celebrating after Connor Cook forgot about the clock at the end of the game. Though I did wait to see if Mark Dantonio would get a Mack Brown extra second...

Did Nebraska get lucky? I didn't see a replay in the stadium that was conclusive enough to overrule the call. I understand people watching the ESPN replays Saw something different. Much like on that questionable pass interference call with Alonzo Moore...TV may have had a better look than I got. So i'll have to defer to folks at home...and it sure sounds the Huskers caught a huge break.

Michigan State fans will justifiably complain about it, but in a season like this, the Huskers desperately needed this one, When Chris Pankonin cranked up "Let Me Clear My Throat" for the post game celebration on the PA system, the cathartic release was on all over Tom Osborne Field.

For one night, we were reminded on how much fun Nebraska football can be. Fans, players, and yes, recruits. It was an absolute blast.

Tomorrow, we'll look at the game itself over at CornNation. Tonight, let's just enjoy a win. Winning never sucks...and in 2015, we appreciate it  a while lot more.

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