Thursday, May 03, 2018

Why Do Some People Feel Threatened by Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza?

I have to admit that that I was rather amused by the reactions of some people locally to the news that Giordano's is planning to expand into the Omaha area.
Some felt that we don't "need" a national chain because we have plenty of places that serve pizza here in Omaha.  While that's true that we don't "need" another national chain, more choices and competition is a good thing. And to be honest, I'm only aware of two places that serve a Chicago-style deep dish pie in the area:  Pudgy's and Davlo.  Both are on the west side of town; there's plenty of room for a third option.

The other is that it's not actually pizza.
Which, of course, brings out the LOLOLOLOLOLs. Of course it's pizza.  It's a different style of pizza than what they serve in New York City.  Which also is different from the style they serve in Italy, apparently as well.  I get that people have preferences in style, but the only reason thin-crust pizza snobs have for denying that deep dish pizza is pizza is that they somehow feel threatened.

And I get that, because frankly, Chicago style kicks New York style pizza's ass every day of the week (and three times on weekends)  I've tried several of the "authentic" New York style pizzas in town, and nearly every one of them made me wish I would have eaten somewhere else.  Don Carmelos, Sam and Louies, Pitch, and the worst:  Zio's.  Somebody brought Zio's to the office a year ago, and I remarked that it had been years since I'd been to Zio's.  It took less than a slice to confirm that old opinion.

The only decent New York style pizza in Omaha is Noli's in midtown.  It's a pretty pricey pizza, but if I have to eat a New York style pizza, it had better be Noli's.  A 2015 World-Herald review of Noli's, in fact, confirmed why I don't like New York style pizza:  a New York style pizza simply can't hold toppings.  NY fans work around it's fatal flaw by folding it over.  But frankly, if I want to eat a Hot Pocket, I'll spend $2 at the grocery store and get the microwavable sleeve thrown in at no extra charge.

Of Omaha's deep dish joints, I'll give the edge to Pudgy's; I think the crust is better.  But I'm looking forward to Giordano's coming to town; I've enjoyed it in Chicago ... and Orlando ... and Las Vegas.  If you don't like deep dish, don't order it.

But if you are bringing pizza to the office, let me know ahead of time if it's a New York I can grab something else for lunch.

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