Monday, August 08, 2005

Husker Nation wants improvement . . . yesterday

Here's a take from Sean Keeler of the Des Moines Register about Husker football; while it's not very in depth and takes it's shots from deepest Iowegia, he does touch on a few points that much of the local press doesn't:
  • "While the North Division was thrown into utter chaos last October, Nebraska sank into the moor."
  • "But the jury's still out on whether (Zac) Taylor is the Rich Gannon clone his coach so desperately covets. Not every spring snap was polished and not every pass at Memorial Stadium had zip."
  • "Last November, in the NJCAA national championship game against Pearl River (Miss.), Taylor completed just 10 of 35 throws and was picked off five times. A few more Saturdays like that and you can earmark the Huskers' 2005 pocket schedule for the bonfire. Right along with Callahan's contract."

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