Monday, August 22, 2005

Solich: It was about egos and personalities

Frank Solich comments briefly to ESPN about his firing at Nebraska:

"One of the things I've found is that I enjoy being around people who do not have huge egos," Solich said. "That makes life an awful lot easier for everybody."

Everyone says it is about recruiting, but remember what Tom Osborne said about the firing in February 2004:

"I've listened to everybody. I've heard all sides of the story. And I just don't see anything that maybe we couldn't have sat down in one room, maybe 45 minutes to an hour, hashed it out and had it back on track.

Make no bones about it: The talk about "gravitating to mediocrity" and "recruiting" is nothing more than a smokescreen by the current athletic director.


Anonymous said...

The athletic programs are basically operating to glorify S.P. A former player attended a dinner to introduce B.C. as coach, and S.P. was of course one of the speakers. This player commented that S.P. was entirely self-serving. The speech was about how he and he alone changed Pittsburgh fortunes. One of the players sitting at the table with my friend said, "Doesn't he realize he's in Nebraska?!?"

When you hire an A.D. that believes he walks on water, don't expect him to admit there is a hole in the boat.

Husker Mike said...

Hmmm...look back at that Shatel interview from a couple of weeks ago, and how he turned the question about fan access to the program into a response about "look what I did".