Sunday, October 30, 2005

Billy C's Favorite Team

Well, once again, Bill Callahan seems to have gotten himself into hot water against Oklahoma. After the Sooners final touchdown, ABC's camera showed Callahan making an apparant throat slash towards the officiating crew. However, that might not have been Callahan's intent there; theoretically he might have been demonstrating how his player was being held by his jersey. Which is it? Who's to say at this point. The replay I saw last night sure looked like a throat slash, but the animated GIF I found on a Sooner web site isn't so clear. (It's also rather small...)

Callahan did not directly comment on the officiating, as he knew that any comment would violate Big XII rules. However, the manner that he answered the question made it clear he was extremely displeased with the officiating. Jay Norvell may have inadvertantly violated that rule on Pinnacle's "Coaches Wrapup" postgame show. During a commercial break, Pinnacle accidentally left the microphone on, and Norvell was heard to say "f*****g refs" and "d*** Texas refs".

But let's face it, the refs were pretty balanced on their calls. The World-Herald caught Nebraska center Kurt Mann facemasking OU's Zach Latimer. Let's face it, Nebraska only got flagged 5 times against Oklahoma. That's one of their lowest totals of the year, matching the count from the Baylor game - which was officiated by the same crew.


HuskerTruth said...

I agree with you on a lot of points but you are wrong here. I wouldn't have givin Usechec the throat slash I would have puncehed the SOB if I were Callahan.

Your hate for Pederson and Callahan blind yu to the fact that Nebraska was F^%ked Saturday and has been all year.

something_something said...

^-What a load of rubbish.

Mike, I hate the Huskers but once again you're absolutely spot on. Nebraska didn't get snowed in that game, and they haven't at any point this season. Save for Brad Smith and Adrian Peterson, they've been beating themselves.

(this is rightdowndodgestreet, btw, not Rick)

Adam said...

Matty's right (*GASP*)...they kicked themselves in the ass about 20 times on Saturday...officials don't win or lose games...Zac 'Morris' Taylor overthrowing receivers ane being flushed out of the pocket on nearly every play loses games...

HuskerTruth said...

Somewhere in this state there has to be a sain fan left of this program. One the one hand there are the that Mike's of the world who see their team get screwed on a weekly basis (one holding penalty against opponents all year) and becuase they hate the AD and Coach so much they think it's a good thing. On the othe hand there are Idiots like jp anderson who aren't fans of the program either, just fans of Steve Pederson.

Is there anyone left who roots for Nebraska becuase of the kids on the field and not because the politics?

No matter how you spin it Callahan was right. his team was getting screwed and he finally had enough, fighting for his team is one of the few things I give him credit for.

Husker Mike said...

I admit that I think Steve Pederson made a unnecessary mistake 2 years ago. I admit that I have grown more and more disappointed in Bill Callahan over the last 14 months.

There are two issues with the Callahan/Usechek issue. One is the lack of holding calls being called. Callahan has every right to scream and yell at the officials, and to make that criticism known through official channels. I am not criticising Callahan here; it's a good thing he's standing up for his players.

On that play, should there have been a holding call? The replays I've seen suggest yes. Former Husker lineman Dr. Rob Zatechka said last night probably not. Not only is Zatechka smarter than me (medical doctor), but he's probably forgotten more about football than I know. So, barring other experts, I'm erring on the side of the ref.

I also think this crew was balanced. They didn't call holding on either team, and with 9 sacks given up, you had to figure that the Huskers were holding at some point and time. At best, they were lenient. At worst, they were bad. But they were balanced bad.

The second issue is how Callahan responded. I have no problem with Callahan yelling at Usechek. If Callahan's actions were to demonstrate the holding that is going on, I have no problem with that either.

But, if Callahan's finger is straight out indicating a neck slash, that is completely inappropriate. Punching him would be even more inappropriate, and would warrant criminal assault charges. I understand the frustration, but action such as this are completely inappropriate.

jjj112665 said...

jp if you really dont like this blog why dont you go away. The more people log on the more chance there is that it will continue. If people arent coming to it it will go away. Kind of the old supply and demand thing. If they are coming to it they must think it is worth while. Huskertruth, I'll be your sane fan. I like our team and its players. We have some really good players but something is missing and I believe it is in the coaching. I dont hate them but I'm not convinced they are the right group to lead NU back to the promise land. I think we should be much better then we are with the talent we have. I will always root for the players no matter what but that doesn't mean I have to like the coaches. ssrhgif