Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Callahan's recruiting: #29!

Just noticed that Rival's has Callahan's 2004 class ranked #29...


JP Anderson said...

yet another irrelevant post

nice work!

little early to make assessments there but hey anything negative you can find go ahead and dwell on it

Adam said...

JP, I've realized you have one of two things: 1) a small penis or 2) nothing to do all day but bait Mike...
Either way, I think you're a dink.

jjj112665 said...

I have to agree with Adam. Post something relevent or dont post. If you dont like his sight why do you keep coming back? Where is the negative in his post? He simply states what he read. Your an idiot.

JP Anderson said...

Dear Adam and jjj112665:

If someone posts a blog site attacking the Cornhusker coaching staff I will be there to smack it down. Husker Mike doesn't do anything except look for the negative in every situation. Do you all really wish Solich was still here?

As much as I respect him for his contribution to Nebraska football and the community as a whole, Frank Solich was not the man for the job. He fell asleep at the switch and had two recruiting classes (2001 and 2002)
rated worse than 40th by and his 2003 class was only a slight improvement. Yes, I know, Tom Osborne never recruited all that well. However, his classes were always ranked around 25th or better and he did not have to deal with today's scholarship and walk-on limitations. Recruiting is now the most important aspect of building a continually successful college football program. Solich didn't even bother to recruit during the football season; instead he was relying on the program to sell itself. I don't know about you, but that gets me fired as a salesman. This could be overlooked, I suppose, if Coach Solich were a good game day manager, but the bad losses he had (some at home) don't point to that. In fact, only a play calling genius can overcome a talent deficit on a regular basis.

So, in closing, your report of Callahan's #29 ranking is pointless. Check the rankings.. USC is around #20 and will finish in the top five for sure. It's too early in the year to talk about the relevance of the recruiting rankings, but Husker Mike has jumped on this irrelevant article and flaunts the negative, like he does so very well.

Adam, if you wanna meet me somewhere in downtown we can decide who's really tough enough to mouth off. Anytime. Lemme know. Until then, get a clue.

Adam said...

Grow a set and grow up. You spend too much time on the internet.

Husker Mike said...

Go back and read my post about 2005 class. My point was that it's too early to make any judgements on recruiting. All this foaming over recruiting is irrelevant.

You just agreed with me. And contradicted yourself.

JP Anderson said...

check the rankings today at and you will see Nebraska is now #13

time for an update Husker Mike

oh and Adam.. time and place buddy.. time and place