Sunday, December 11, 2005

Another Horrific Weekend

With the exception of the Husker volleyball team (Hi, AJ!), this is turning into a miserable weekend of sports. Oweing to Christmas parties and shopping, I missed most of the UNO Mavericks being swept by Michigoon. I did get to hear UNO take early 1-0 leads on the Weasels, but those leads were short lived. The 3rd period of last night's game sounded particularly nasty; we'll see if that bad blood continues when the Weasels return to Omaha in February.

But I did get to see more of today's Nebraska/Creighton game than I cared to. If the 7-6 Nebraska/Pitt football game set the game of football back 50 years, then today's basketball game must have taken us back to the age of the peach basket. Both teams launched enough bricks to pave I-80 between Omaha and Lincoln. I don't know if Creighton is getting better or Nebraska played that poorly; I'm thinking the latter.

I've been a Barry Collier supporter, but Collier is running out of time to start showing progress. Yes, Danny Nee left the program in the sewer, and at least Collier has put a watchable product out there at times. There's no reason why Nebraska can't put a NCAA tournament team out there occasionally, but what we saw today was a high school class C-2 team.

You could see Collier's frustration on the bench today, so it's not like he's oblivious to the problem. If we see many more performances like this one today, it could be an ugly season.


Coach said...

Hey now, let's not label them C2 just yet...I played C2 (Kearney Catholic), and I think we could have beaten that team. I think D2 might be more accurate!

Adam said...

I'm glad I was drunk half the game.

I did find the humor, however, in the Bobby Lutz and Jeff Christian page.

Husker Mike said...

Lutz is the head coach at Charlotte, but I'm not familiar with Christian.

Adam said...

Christian is the coach at Kent State.

Frank Broyles said...

If you guys want Houston Nutt, you can have him!!!