Saturday, December 31, 2005

Taking things WAY too far

Many Husker fans, myself included, were extremely critical of Steve Pederson after the 40-15 loss to Kansas. I even called for him to either resign or be fired, a position I still maintain even after the Alamo Bowl.

Some fans apparantly have gone further. Quite a bit further. Quite a bit UNACCEPTABLY further, in fact. At the Kansas State game, the State Patrol assigned a trooper to guard Pederson after several threats were made, including an incredibly stupid one in the North Platte Bulletin.

Folks, Husker football is a source of pride in this state. It is part of our way of life. But some fans take it way too far and way too seriously. Threatening Pederson or anybody in his family is not only childish and immature, it is also illegal.

I'll go a step further. Threatening ANYBODY over a football team is childish and immature. It's a friggin football GAME. Get a life.


Stan said...

I agree! Thanks for saying something about that. How ridiculous to threaten someone's life. I want the Huskers to win as much as the next guy, but threatening someone is just lame.

Anyway, love your page. Keep up the good work. And just so you know, there's a typo in the last post. I don't know if you care or not, but it's pride, not price. Just thought I'd let you know. Peace.

Go Huskers!

Husker Mike said...

Oops! Thanks for the catch.

Carl said...

Blogs need a better way to ask blogger questions.

Mike, there are a number of rumors floating around that Callahan is being courted by a number of NFL teams. What's your take? Is such a development good, bad or indifferent?

Do you think Callahan would leave if the Vikings, Rams or Chiefs came calling?

Husker Mike said...

I think it's mostly bogus; I don't think Callahan is a candidate for any NFL head coaching jobs at this time. The last 2 victories were great, but I don't think that's enough to interest an NFL team.

If an NFL team were to contact Callahan, I'm not sure what his response would be. If I were to guess, though, I'd say he'd pass. I think he'd like to accomplish something, and knowing that he's got some momentum here, I'm not sure he'd be so quick to throw it away on a second shot at the NFL.