Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Depth Chart Fun

Well, Nebraska's depth chart is out without any major surprises. Marlon Lucky is 1-A at I-back, follwed by Cody Glenn, Brandon Jackson, and Kenny Wilson. That doesn't mean that Lucky is the starter, though he's probably more likely than the other guys. Callahan will continue to use players in specific situations. Personally, I expect Lucky and Glenn to see a little more playing time this Saturday than Jackson and Wilson will get; Wilson will especially be limited to specific plays that he has mastered. Scuttlebutt is that Wilson is picking up the offense well, so he won't be as limited as Lucky, Glenn, and Jackson were in their first year in Lincoln. Speaking of Kenny Wilson, it looks like Nebraska has released a video to the video underground of his now legendary run in practice. Looks like Wilson has great balance and strength, but the Blackshirts tackled like Florida Gators on that play.

Bo Ruud topped Steve Octavien on the depth chart, which surprised some folks. Yes, Octavien looked unbelivable in his one game last year, but remember it was against 1-AA Maine. But Ruud was solid all season until he was injured before the Alamo Bowl. Last season, it was neck-and-neck, and now Ruud has edged very slightly ahead. Middle linebacker Corey McKeon gave a glimpse as to why in last Saturday's World-Herald:
Octavien is a "playmaker," middle linebacker Corey McKeon said, "but he's got to learn to take care of his responsibilities."
Translation: Octavien is great for run support when he pins his ears back and attacks, but Ruud is better at dropping back into coverage and staying in his lanes.

Some folks are disappointed to see Terrence Nunn and Nate Swift atop the depth chart at wide receiver ahead of Maurice Purify. Again, Purify will see plenty of action, but don't diminish Nunn and Swift. Both are steady, solid receivers who have spent the last 2 years learning this offense. Sometimes knowledge and experience is more important than size, speed, and athletic talent. ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit even named Swift one of his players who will "make a name for themselves by October".

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