Thursday, August 31, 2006

Big XII Sportswriters: Callahan & Rose Panned

The San Antonio Express-News polled 20 Big XII area sportswriters on their opinions, and one of the more interesting opinions was naming Bill Callahan the most overrated coach. An interesting opinion, that's for sure. I could agree with that statement if I based it on the opinions of the kool-aid drinkers who blame the previous administration for all that is wrong and credit Callahan and company for all that goes well... but that's just a fanatical viewpoint. There haven't been many overwhelmingly flattering stories on Callahan, so unless they are basing this opinion on the rants of fans, it's hard to see this point. In any event, it's way too soon to judge Callahan on that point; he's just starting year 3.

Husker Information Minister Jim Rose didn't fare any better. Rose was not one of the eight play-by-play announcers to get votes as the best play-by-play announcer; even his sidekick "Yo!" Adrian Fiala managed to get a vote. But Rose did get 2 votes for worst announcer.

Nebraska's Sports Information Department only got 1 vote for "best" in the conference to tie them with Baylor for 6th. I'm not surprised here because the athletic department has had PR debacle after PR debacle over the years, whether it was the whole coaching search/circus, scheduling rumors, or the throat slash.

But there was some good news for Nebraska in the poll: Nebraska's stadium was voted #1 in the conference in terms of atmosphere with 10 votes; A&M took 9 votes, and Tejas got the final single vote. So the sportswriters like us fans at least!

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Jon Johnston said...

I can see Callahan being pegged as overrated. There is something disturbing about his personality.... he's got that fireside smarminess to him while at the same time you're supposed to believe that his head is full of 300 bodies smashing together.

It's easy, though, to target Callahan as you say.

Jime Rose does suck. I didn't realize how much of a suck up he was until I subscribed to for a while and watched the Callahan show. Gag.

23 hours, man!