Saturday, November 18, 2006

Cryin' and Whinin'

A few quick thoughts while dealing with a very cranky newborn assistant blog editor:

3 months ago, I suggested that the gap between Nebraska and Creighton basketball wasn't as big as BrieJay fans thought it was. Tonight's Nebraska's 73-61 victory over the somehow rated Creighton squad certainly bruises some of those egos. Certainly, you should have seen this coming with how the shorthanded Husker team performed in the early going versus the overrated Jays in the early going this season.

It's a shame that this game was only televised on ETV2 statewide, a channel only carried by a few cable systems and folks with HDTV. It was a bad scheduling decision (playing the game the same night as the class B high school championship game) as well as Nebraska AD's continuing snafu in wanting to maintain ironclad control over Nebraska broadcasts. The game was produced by Cox for NET, and word has it that the broadcast featured a dog barking over Matt Davison's halftime commentary. Looks like Cox continues to prove their ineptitude; just ask Cox subscribers in Omaha how ABC looks in HD.

UNO hockey got swept this weekend by #6 Miami. Friday night's 7-3 loss was rather disappointing to fans, but CSTV's "Rink Rat" had some positive things to say about the Mavs:
UNO's puck movement is as good as any team I've seen this season, with the possible exception of Minnesota. They're doing a lot of good things out on the ice tonight, but this Miami team is very, very good, and the Mavericks don't have the goaltending they need to stop the RedHawks.
As for the team (UNO fans are) dedicated to, they have some good offensive punch, but they're playing three freshmen on defense and a freshman in net. They're just not there in their own end right now, and I'm just going to get annoyed if I start writing about the goaltending right now. It's hard enough for Minnesota to count on outscoring their opponents every night, let alone UNO.
Tonight, the Mavs lost 2-1 to the Redhawks on a late goal in the third in an improved effort. The results for the Mavs aren't what fans want, but it's not as bad as it might seem. However, next up is #5 Notre Dame on Friday and Saturday night, so it doesn't get any easier. Fortunately, these games are at home.

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