Saturday, November 04, 2006

Billy C Schools Pinkel

Thursday I suggested that today's game matched each team's offensive strengths against the other team's defensive weakness, and the question was which team would capitalize on this more. Well, the Huskers handed the ball off to Brandon Jackson 32 times for 115 yards and delivered the 34 points I predicted.

However, Missouri failed to challenge Nebraska's injury depleted linebacker corps and vulnerable secondary. Partly due to Cosgrove's nickel schemes to play the youngsters in the secondary? Yes, to some extent. But really, it was almost as if Gary Pinkel didn't even want to try to exploit Nebraska's weakest link on defense.

All game long it was a steady stream of what I call the "Statue of Liberty" play, where Chase Daniel took a shotgun snap and didn't move, handing off the ball to a running back on a sweep. And yes, Tony Temple did get 100 yards running that play, but he also ran about for about 200 meaningless yards east/west as this play was strung out for minimal game most of the day. Missouri failed to challenge the Husker secondary most of the day, choosing to throw mostly short screen passes.

As the game went on, I couldn't help but wonder whether Missouri fans felt like Husker fans after the USC game, frustrated by the game plan. Sure enough, AJ the HuskerH8ter agreed.

A few other thoughts about today's game:
  • Bo Ruud came up huge today. I've read a few folks implying that Ruud wasn't even talented enough to play for any division 1 school, let alone play for Nebraska. Funny, I've heard the same talk about Scott Shanle and big brother Barrett Ruud in past years and both those guys are playing on Sunday's in the NFL.
  • Hard to choose a favorite highlight reel catch between Maurice Purify, Terrence Nunn, and Nate Swift today. All three should make highlight reels.
  • Chase Daniel looked a little off today. Perhaps someone on Missouri's training staff needs to supply him some energy bars during the game. I don't think this supplement helped him much. Certainly they have something better available.
Score this one for Callahan and the embattled Kevin Cosgrove.


AJ said...

Mike, my condolances for helping Pederson/Callahan keep their jobs for another year or two. I told you before the game they'd stick to their gameplan and not attack the DB's..and they didn't.

I would have expected you to be above booger smack though. I'm a bit dissapointed in you for that. Thought you were above your Larry the Cable Guy warshiping fellow fans.

Husker Mike said...

Heh... if you had video of Zac Taylor and a booger from last year's game, you would have posted it too... A little levity, my friend.

But Daniel's biggest problem yesterday wasn't the booger, it was the snotty game plan Pinkel and his staff used. Over at Corn Nation, Jon says that neither team looked like they wanted to win the game yesterday at times yesterday. And I think Pinkel wanted it a little less than Callahan did.

AJ said...

No, I wouldn't have. I didn't post the video of the old guy dancing with his sweatshirt. I didn't post the picture of the giant fat guy going to the game for the first time yesterday. I haven't posted the picture I have of Cory McKeon looking like a d-bag at a party this fall. It's just dumb.

There is plenty to talk about without going back in time to 4th period recess. Besides, like I wrote on my blog...Daniel holds 3 Mizzou passing records already. I don't care if he pinches one off on the bench, dukes in a cup...and then breaks out a knife and fork. As long as the kid wins football games..I could care less. He's not babysitting my kids.

Bash Pinkel (who deserves it). Bash me for whatever reason. But to jump up and down pointing at some kid who may or may not have (I still don't see the Spalding part of the clip) just childish and dumb. I like to think I'm a bit smarter and above that...despite what my critics say.

PS - Corn Nation Jon is right. NU tried to give it away late, and Pinkel gave it right back. Both of these teams would finish in the bottom half of the SEC, Big 10 or even Pac 10. I said the same thing last year.

Husker Mike said...

But you do have a picture of the 7 year old kid crying at the 2001 Nebraska-Colorado game as the background for your blog...

Husker Mike said...

After reviewing the comments on your blog as well as others around HuskerNation, I think you were right on the whole booger thing after all. If I had seen a fraction of what I'm still seeing out there, I don't think I would have posted it. I thought it was "mildly amusing" Saturday night, but it's now being run into the ground like an SNL skit.

Carl said...

AJ being right on the video does not invalidate your observation that he's a hypocrite. Using a crying 7 year old as the background of your hate filled blog is much worse than snickering at a college kid mining for gold on national TV.

I've tried to see the good in AJ's commentary and blog but the main thrust of his stuff is 'Nebraskans are hicks and stupid. They make me mad. I must mock them for this'.

One of the reasons I'm really attracted to college football is its one of the last venues left in this country where a person can express passion without putting other people down. AJ's blog trys its best to imply that the enthusiasm I have for and joy I get from Husker football somehow hurts and victimizes him. He's trying his best to rob me of a simple pleasure in life for no real good reason.

If AJ had an "I love the Mizzou Tigers" blog, I'd be right on board with him, but he doesn't. He has a "I hate something other people enjoy" blog. His preseason post was basically "Don't get excited Cornholer fans", not a "This may be a great year for the Tigers".

I think you give AJ too much credit at times.