Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Jordan Congdon Story: Looks Like There's More

Earlier this month, Jordan Congdon left Nebraska, apparantly to deal with family issues. At the time, one line in the Journal-Star caught my attention:
Gayla Congdon, the player’s mother, declined comment Friday, referring questions to Nebraska coach Bill Callahan. Callahan said through a university spokesman that he prefers to respect the Congdon family’s privacy.
If Congdon was leaving Nebraska for family issues, why would Gayla Congdon refer questions to Bill Callahan? Just seemed odd. But, Congdon was off to a junior college for the spring semester. Best of luck to him, right?

Then came word this week that Congdon was talking to Pete Carroll about walking on at USC. And Congdon's mom is saying a little more to the Lincoln Journal-Star:
“My husband and I brought him home — we made that decision. We’re just trying to get him accepted in a school so we can give him hope for his future.”
Now the story is starting to sound a little different. The internet rumor mill makes it sound like Congdon's departure wasn't terribly amicable.

Which is what I was afraid of. We've seen a growing number of players leaving the Husker program on unpleasant terms lately, which is a disturbing trend. Granted, any time a player leaves it's usually not pleasant, but the frequency is raising concerns.

Oh, and by the way, that same article in today's Lincoln Journal-Star also reported that Marlon Lucky also was considering leaving Nebraska last week as well, but was talked out of it by Bill Callahan.


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