Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lemming on Recruiting: "No One Should Take It Seriously"

As the silly season of recruiting gets ready to go into overdrive, here's another confession from one of the so-called experts, Tom Lemming (courtesy the Chicago Sun-Times):
"It's an inexact science. Everything is arbitrary. It's all fun. No one should take it seriously. For those who live and die with it, I say, 'Get a life.' There is so much name-calling on Web sites."
Lemming admits it. admits it. But sadly, fans still don't get it. They'll waste good money to subscribe to these services and obsess about it... and think it really means something.


Jason said...

This has to be made up Mike. A guy named Lemming says not to take recruiting so seriously? :)

BTW, I tend to agree with you. It's entertaining to watch, but let's not lose any sleep over the decisions of 18 year olds.

AJ said...

Greatest post ever.

People are idiots.