Monday, March 05, 2007

Mav Hockey: Next is Michigan State

Saturday night, UNO finished off the sweep of Bowling Green 7-5. It was a unceremonius swan song for Scott Parse, as he left the game early with a leg injury without scoring a point. Which is very unfortunate, because he didn't get the ovation from the fans he so richly deserves. Still UNO scored 7 goals Saturday night with Parse and Dan Charleston out of action, so the Mavs certainly are clicking offensively. That's five victories in a row now...

Next up for the Mavs is a best of three series against Michigan State in East Lansing, with the winner going onto the Joe. UNO needs to keep on winning to keep their season alive, and while they are playing well as of late, the competition gets a whole lot tougher from here on out.

Bowling Green nearly didn't make it to Omaha on Friday for this series, as they only made it as far as Des Moines before I-80 was shut down. Jonathan Matsumoto blogged about their adventures in making it to Omaha, as they ended up heading south and taking 2 lane state highways through the blizzard. Their pre-game meal ended up being at the Pizza Hut in Red Oak, IA, and when they got out, the bus was stuck in a drift. They ended up getting pulled out by a John Deere tractor:

Fortunately, they made it to Omaha in plenty of time for the Friday night game and put an scare into the Mavs, but UNO ended up winning in overtime Friday night.

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