Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sam Keller already in trouble in Lincoln

The Lincoln Journal-Star is reporting that QB Sam Keller was cited by UNL Police today for "disturbing the peace" after an incident over a parking spot near Memorial Stadium. Allegedly Keller yelled obscenities at a woman and threw a plastic cup at her car after she took a parking spot that Keller wanted.

Big deal? By itself...nope. Darren over at Big Red Network really explains it well.

However, this does bear watching. Last fall on the scout team, Keller was known for yelling at teammates. And of course, there was the circumstances revolving around Keller's departure from Arizona State, with questions about Keller's behavior. So while it might be tempting to pass this latest incident off as a "no-big-deal" magnified by campus security (who have been accused of blowing incidents out of proportion before), it's not like this behavior is out of character for Keller either.

The question I asked last August still applies: Is Sam Keller the Huskers' Savior or did we just get someone else's problem? We'll see how it plays out.


AJ said...

Your backup is Joey Ganz.

Think about that for a second. Your coach and AD's job are at stake, as is the sanity of about 2 million Husker fans...all riding on a guy who is obviously talented, but obviously an a$$hole.

Nervous times around these parts.

PS - Beat you to the story by 30 minutes. HA! ;)

Husker Mike said...

Not entirely true... We also have Beau Davis, who has a career sub-zero efficiency rating. And a couple of new guys.

BTW, nice take on Keller.

AJ said...


I have no dobut he's a damn good QB...but you have to worry about his leadership abilities..especially on a team that lost a lot of their leaders.