Monday, August 20, 2007

Marlon Lucky Dinged Again

In his second practice since recovering from a concussion, Marlon Lucky took another hard hit on Friday and missed practices today and yesterday. Bill Callahan emphasized that the trainers are just being cautious and that Lucky is "day-to-day".

However, two hard hits in a row knocking him out of practice raise all new concerns about Marlon Lucky. Concussions are nothing to kid about, so the staff is likely being extra conservative. When combined with Cody Glenn's continued injury struggles throws huge question marks into the Husker rushing game.

Who's left at I-back? Sophomore Major Culbert, who moved to I-back from safety shortly before the Cotton Bowl. Freshman Marcus Mendoza, who participated in spring practice. And incoming freshmen Quentin Castille and Roy Helu. In other words, nobody who has taken a snap in a college game.

That's not to say these guys aren't talented, but extremely inexperienced. Which is a problem with the West Coast Offense, where the playbook resembles an encyclopedia and a premium is placed on the ability to pick up blitzes. The sole bright spot is that these young backs are now getting plenty of reps in practice to learn these roles now that the returnees are spending time on the sidelines. How much will they pick up?

Lucky's health is now another key point to keep an eye on as we move forward into the 2007 season, as the I-back situation now becomes more and more unclear due to injuries and inexperience.

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