Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Power Poll - Week 7

OK, I can't do it any longer. Everybody has a wart, so undefeateds do not necessarily trump a 1-loss team. Crappy wins count for less than explainable losses now.

1. LSU (Yep...not much of a penalty for losing in triple OT on the road against a ranked team...)
2. Ohio State (Still not a big fan...)
3. Oklahoma (Again... a bad half against Colorado still looks better than some teams wins...)
4. South Florida (A 27-13 victory over Elon looks MUCH worse than LSU and Oklahoma's losses)
5. Florida
6. Boston College
7. Oregon
8. Kansas (Hey, Sagarin has them FOURTH!)
9. South Carolina
10. Arizona State

Big XII Standings
1. Oklahoma
2. Kansas
3. Missouri (You could argue that losing to the Sooners by 10 means more than Kansas non-conference wins...)
4. Kansas State
5. Texas Tech
6. Texas (Mack's boys are schizo. One week they look like the #2 team in the conference, the next, they look like the #10 team. So I'll average it out...)
7. Colorado
8. Oklahoma State
9. Texas A&M
10-t. Baylor
10-t. Nebraska (Boy, does THAT hurt...)
12. Iowa State

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jawhalks really suck....K-State win was lucky. Besides that you the hell have they played????
Enought Said...........Arrowhead Stadium will decide the North.....
Mizzou will r/&/plunder the Jayhawks just like we did back in the 1850's....and the tradition still lives.....GO MIZZOU....Go Tigers....(FYI)Fighting Tigers were the militia in the 1860's that were banded in and around Columbia, MO that protected the area....hence, why Mizzou's mascot is the Tiger....aka as Truman Harry after the President that settled the Eastern Conflict aka as WWII....can you say bombs away??