Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Night Beer: Fear the Ganz's waaaay too late for coffee...

Well, it's official... Sam Keller's college career is over, thanks to a broken collarbone. So now Joe Ganz takes over at quarterback. Whether I'm numb from a four game losing streak or it's just the beer talking, but I'm not sure this hurts the Huskers that much. I'm curious to see what Ganz brings to the team. The team might just rally around Ganz, and he showed great poise coming in cold to finish off a scoring drive.

Kansas is a 19 point favorite OVER Nebraska? In football?

ESPN's Todd McShay's pick of Kansas to win the Big XII North isn't looking quite as outrageous as it did in August. Did Kansas schedule 4 patsies in the non-conference schedule? Yep...but they pasted each and every one of them. Did Kansas catch a break in conference scheduling as well? Yep. But the fact remains... Kansas is undefeated going into November. Sagarin's computer has the Jayhawks as the #1 football team in the country.

Nebraska, Ohio, and Buffalo each have 4-5 records. Go figure. At Nebraska, it's a disaster. At Ohio, it's a disappointment after going 9-5 last year. At Buffalo, they are getting excited.

Nebraska-Omaha hockey fans are disappointed after getting swept by now #1 Miami to open the CCHA season. Some feel that it's more of the same for a program that hasn't been able to take things to the next level. But this one feels a little different. UNO's inexperience hurt them all weekend as they started eight freshmen. Saturday night's game could signal a shift in the program's direction as the Mavs got whistled for 13 penalties for 56 minutes. In recent years, UNO has been known as an undersized, finesse, speed team that could score but sometimes got manhandled by more physical teams. Especially eye-opening was Mike Kemp's quote to US College Hockey:
"I wish (the game) had been rougher; I didn’t think it was all that rough to be honest. Take a look at the calls.”
That's definitely NOT the same UNO team we've seen in recent years. UNO will have another chance to make a statement as the #3 Michigoon Weasels come to Omaha this next weekend.

Oh, I suppose I should update my Power Poll as well...
1. LSU
2. Ohio State (Nice win against Penn State...not nearly enough to bump LSU though...)
3. Boston College (Only because of the final five minutes of the VT game...)
4. Oklahoma
5. Arizona State
6. Oregon
7. Missouri
8. Kansas (Jayhawk haters... who would you rate above an undefeated KU?)
9. West Virginia
10. Georgia

Big XII Standings
1. Oklahoma
2. Missouri
3. Kansas
4. Kansas State
5. Texas
6. Colorado
7. Oklahoma State
8. Texas Tech
9. Texas A&M (Fran treading water ahead of Billy C)
10. Nebraska
11. Iowa State (Gets a bump for hanging tough against Oklahoma and Missouri in back to back games)
12. Baylor

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bigredfred said...

Sam Kellar has been the second best QB on the field for the last 8 games straight. How is losing him going to hurt the Huskers? Joe should have been in there 3 games ago, but for a secret bargain Bill made with Sam's dad. The only thing Sam had going for him was his arrogant attitude and mouth piece. If you didn't think he was good, just ask him and he will tell you how good he is. Joe will be a breath of fresh air and a much needed improvement.

Having said that, KU still has a much better coach than the huskers and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to run through a Cosgrove defense..