Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Mind Numbing Weekend (otherwise known as "Kansas Scored Again")

What more can be said about this Nebraska football season as it spirals into the abyss of Callahan's career. 76-39 pretty much says it all. 76 points? 76 points? Just when you think Kevin Cosgrove can't possibly do a worse job...he proves you wrong again. The only silver lining is that there are only two more games and three more weeks of this.

I've been kicking around an idea about calling for a "White Out" at Memorial Stadium during the home finale to send a message to this coaching staff, but I've backed away from that idea. Let's face it, fans don't really need to send a message to this coaching staff. If they don't already realize that their time in Nebraska is over, no message from Husker fans would get through. In this situation, the best thing is to try and stay supportive of the players, both the ones who should get an improved coaching staff next season as well as the ones playing their final game on Saturday. You've really got to feel for the seniors who will be remembered as being part of the failed Steve Pederson/Bill Callahan error.

So now we wait. A win against Kansas State wouldn't be out of the question if you go strictly by the numbers, but the intangibles make a win really tough this next week. So now the players and fans wait out the season, hope for the best, but still expect the worst. Or in the case of Kevin Cosgrove, cringe at the idea of how much worse things can get.

If the Kansas debacle wasn't bad enough, UNO hockey got swept by Michigan this weekend. UNO fans at least have some optimism as the Mavs took it to the Weasels at times during the weekend, but couldn't close the deal either night. The problem with the Mavs is that starting the season 0-4 really, really hurts in the conference standings. Fans can point to yet another slow start and another roster full of youth (how do we get some balance so that youth isn't always an excuse?), but the fact remains that when you look at the roster and the schedule, starting 0-4 was always a realistic possibility. The good news is that the schedule eases up a bit the next few weeks, with a road trip to 2-6 Ohio State this week followed by home series against 4-3-1 Ferris State then 0-4 Alaska. UNO needs to get some wins, fast.

At least with UNO hockey, I still have hope for this season. The only hope remaining for Husker football is the December coaching search once this nightmare of a season finally ends in Boulder.

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