Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Farewell to the Husker Information Minister

I'll be honest here... I'm not particularly sad that Jim Rose is no longer the "Voice of the Huskers". While I respected his knowledge of Husker history and his love for the program, his role as chief apologist for Steve Pederson and Bill Callahan really doomed his career. Hence, the term "Husker Information Minister". Nebraska will go on and find a more qualified announcer for next season. The two leading candidates IMHO would be Greg Sharpe, the former K-State announcer who will finish out this season, and KOZN's Kevin Kugler. Kent Pavelka is also another possibility, though he has plenty of detractors.

But deep down, you do have to feel for a guy who had to give up his dream job. He recognizes that health and family take precedence, and you have to respect that. With that in mind, here's wishing Jim Rose best of luck.

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