Sunday, December 02, 2007

Pelini: My Dream Job Awaits

With ESPN swapping their stories about Bo Pelini and Les Miles on almost a daily basis, it makes you wonder what the truth actually is. Remember last year when Iowa State stunned the college football world by hiring Gene Chizek when they thought it was going to be someone else? (Apparently Nebraska is using the same search firm that Iowa State used last year, from what I've heard.)

In any event, nothing is for sure until the official announcement (and as Dana Altman showed last spring, even that doesn't mean much) but Bo Pelini made it clear yesterday that for him, there is no place like Nebraska.

Steve Sipple of the Lincoln Journal-Star talked to LSU defensive end Kirston Pittman who said
“He didn’t say it in those exact words,” Pittman said. “But he did tell us that (Nebraska) was his dream job and the opportunity of a lifetime. We respect him as a coach for coming out and telling us that he was leaning toward it.”

Pittman said Pelini told his players he would inform them of his situation either after the game or today.
The Omaha World-Herald got a similar quote as well. Now, LSU's opportunity to play in the BCS title game may affect the timing of this. Might even mean that Pelini might not be available to Nebraska until early January. But it's clear that the Nebraska job is Pelini's for the taking.


Omababe said...

Just caught a crawl saying that there will be a press conference at 4:00pm to announce the new head coach.

I wonder who it is? :)

The Silver Sky said...

*dances* Pelini: F*ck Yeah!

If only he would do that, it would make my year XD