Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fahey Backs Down on Sokol

Almost as surprising as the news that David Sokol was out as chairman of the MECA board was the news yesterday that Mayor Mike Fahey was going to reappoint Sokol anyway. Of course, it came after Omaha's "boosters of substance" threatened to pull their donations from the stadium effort.

In the end, everybody lost here. I'm still trying to understand why Fahey thought he could dismiss Sokol in this situation. Sure, he had the legal right to do so, but after everything that has happened in recent months, some things are better left alone. Sokol was one of those things.

And by reversing field so quickly (and acknowledging that his decision was based on money), he further diminished himself in the eyes of the people of this city.

But let's not forget Sokol and his supporters who are painting Sokol as some sort of victim here. People who claim to follow the "rule of law" seem to be awfully willing to look the other way when Sokol declared himself to no longer be a resident of Nebraska.

Ugly ugly ugly... especially with the NCAA and visitors from across the country in town, this little bit of hick-town politics damaged this city's reputation.

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