Friday, June 13, 2008

Three Years of Blasphemy

Wow! Three years ago, I joined the "blogosphere", partly to experiment with this new phenomenon called "blogs", partly to work on my writing, and partly to have a place to express my contrarian opinions to what was happening with Husker athletics. Thus was born "Blasphemy"... as my opinions certainly weren't politically correct in 2005.

2005. Most Husker sites were eagerly anticipating Harrison Beck's first start at quarterback as Nebraska's top ranked recruiting class was preparing to revolutionize football with recruiting leading the way.

Or so we were told anyway. I wasn't buying it at the time. I remember watching this "NU" era start off with a 5-6 season, a record some blamed on a lack of talent. On defense, one coach lamented the "worst secondary play" he'd ever experienced... yet the NFL ended up using early draft picks on most of those players.

It was blasphemy at that time to second guess the program. And until Thanksgiving 2005, it looked like I was right on... then Bill Callahan's program turned the corner against Colorado. 2006 had it's ups and downs, but nine wins was progress, even if many of the losses left nagging doubts. In the summer of 2007, I quietly wondered if the season progressed the way I wondered it could, I'd have to eat a lot of my words of doubt about Callahan.

Then 2007 happened. The "NU" era suddenly collapsed in an epically horrible fashion, and everything reversed. Tradition returned, and suddenly what was Blasphemous was now in fashion.

AJ the Huskerh8r labeled this the "somewhat sane Husker blog" since I expressed doubts about where Husker football was going. Now that things are changing, I'm much more optimistic about the future. That doesn't mean I'm expecting to go dancing out at 72nd and Dodge next January to celebrate a trophy. But somehow, I expect that AJ's going to drop the "sane" part. At least I'm hoping that Bo Pelini and company will give me plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the future of Husker football.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank those of you who take time to read this blog. While it may not necessarily be considered "blasphemous" anymore, I have no intention to turn pollyanna either. Just like not everything that Bill Callahan and Steve Pederson did was bad, not everything Bo Pelini and Tom Osborne will be good. (Especially if they keep selling DVD's of Pelini's press conferences... Oy!!!)


Anonymous said...

In sports there is no blasphemy in being critical of your team and coaches. I am on the east coast and saw the Nebraska Pitt game right after Hurricane Ivan (WOW!) in Pittsburgh. I watched as Callahan had a lead and urinated it all away in the fourth quarter. I told my buddy with me that "This is horrible COACHING in action." It was clear to anyone watching. I called my brother watching the game via cell and he wouldn't criticize the coach because of the blasphemy thing. No, coaches can be morons (except for Tom Osborne.) It was wrong to take shots at him because he had a different offenseive philosophy. I am critical of him for being too nice of a guy off the field to players I personally knew who couldn't lick the bird droppings off of TO's shoes. Hey, he was too nice... blasphemy. Anyway, I think Pelini deserves some of the TO anti-blasphemy protection because he is carrying out TO's bidding here. Pelini just won a Championship with defense. He gets major protection for now, but if he starts acting like Callahan, all bets are off.

Keith said...

I just began reading your blog last fall, and I now check for updates several times a week. Thanks for all the insight into the Huskers, coverage of the CWS Stadium ordeal, etc. Keep up the good work!

Jon Johnston said...

Congrats to you Mike. You've done a good job when the last three years hasn't exactly been easy.

Omababe said...

Happy Birthday Mikee!

Keep it up, you've got one of the blogs I read regularly. :)