Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Night Dessert: The Statement Needs to be Made on Monday

After looking over the video from last night's game, Bo Pelini is even unhappier with the execution. He says that that the Huskers did "some boneheaded things" and it's up to the coaching staff to get things fixed:
"We can't concern ourselves with making a statement next Saturday. We've got to concern ourselves with making a statement on Monday and practicing the way we need to practice."
Offensive coordinator Shawn Watson tells the World-Herald this evening that he has no plans to alter the rotation at I-back. After Saturday night's game, I'm not so sure that Lucky should be demoted to backup I-back.

Considering the relative strengths of Lucky, I think he should be a wide receiver. I get accused of having "hate" for Marlon Lucky...which isn't the case. I think he's simply out of position. Lucky's at his best when he's running in space, and more often than not, that's when he's catching a pass. So why not play to his strength?

The anonymous "coach" who talked to Yahoo's Tom Dienhart essentially said the same thing:
"(Marlon) Lucky is good, and he runs good routes. But they really can't run the ball."
So why not split him out wide and let him stretch the field a little bit. It's not like Nebraska has shown much of an ability to stretch the field. Maybe Marlon Lucky is that guy.

At I-back, it sure seems like Roy Helu is the guy. Remember that touchdown run in the third quarter? How many tackles did he break on that run? Even Pelini agreed that it "sure looked like" Helu was the better back last night.

I-back isn't the only issue. On defense, I think there are some issues in the secondary that need to get corrected this week with Missouri and their high powered spread offense coming to town. Ricky Thenarse saw some action late in the first half near the goal line and made some big stops near the goal line, but didn't appear in the second half. Larry Asante, who missed blocking the man who blocked the first punt of hte game, didn't play in the second half either. He left in the 2nd quarter after being injured, but I thought I saw him back on the field towards halftime.

If I had to guess, I almost expect that we'll see Major Culbert and Matt O'Hanlon starting at safety next week.

Virginia Tech brought one of the largest and most vocal fan contingents to Lincoln that I can recall. Friendly group of fans as well, at least the ones I encountered.

Oh, and for those of you hoping to see Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit in Lincoln on Saturday? Fugetaboudit! They're going to Vanderbilt. Yes, Vanderbilt.

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