Monday, September 08, 2008

Week 2 Power Poll

No change in this week's Power Poll after a week of crappy matchups.

1. Southern Cal
2. Oklahoma (Almost moved down because of the first half against Cincy)
3. Florida (Almost moved up, but I'm not sure Miami is any good... So they hold steady for now.)
4. LSU (The Tigers may hold steady until Hurricane season is over...)
5. Missouri
6. Georgia
7. Auburn
8. Oregon
9. Alabama
10. Wisconsin

Big XII Power Rankings
1. Oklahoma
2. Missouri
3. Kansas (The rise is based more on the suckage of others this week...)
4. Texas (Outyarded by UTEP? Turner Gill's Buffalo Bulls did a better job defending the Miners than the Bovines...)
5. Oklahoma State (Have you been consulting with Kevin Cosgrove?)
6. Kansas State (Again, rising due to other's suckage...)
7. Texas Tech
8. Nebraska
9. Iowa State
10. Colorado (Nearly lost again to another 1-AA team...)
11. Baylor
12. Texas A&M

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