Monday, November 10, 2008

A Year Later, RUTS Still Stings

Last year, Nebraska's starting quarterback and I-back scored three fourth quarter touchdowns to extend a 52-17 lead into a 73-31 blowout. It's was running up the score, pure and simple. And while Kansas State didn't complain publicly, it's not forgotten either:
"I don't think anybody's not had lingering feelings over that game," K-State defensive end Ian Campbell said. "Plus, I mean, it's Nebraska. If you're a K-State fan, the Nebraska game is a big game.

"You don't want to get beat like that by a rival or anybody. It sits sour with a lot of people, fans and players included."
"We've talked about it quite a bit," Prince said. "Last year's game doesn't have any impact on the outcome of this game, but just from a preparation standpoint of understanding what the game is all about and what we're attempting to do in the game, it's important for them to understand the atmosphere surrounding the game."
One year later, Ron Prince finds himself in the reverse position. He's already been told he's been fired, but he gets to stick around. How big is the grudge that remains from last year's game? While Prince has been unsuccessful against the big names of the Big XII North, he does have a couple of pelts from big opponents. Is this a trap game where the opponent has been gunning for you for over 365 days?

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Chico said...

ummmm.... YES it's a trap!

In case people hadn't noticed, KSU can put up points and the NU D is still mediocre at best.

Not sure why everyone is so confident in a victory. I've had the fear that this would be Prince's "eff you guys" game since August.