Monday, August 24, 2009

Preseason BlogPoll

Based on feedback, here's my revised preseason blogpoll. Ohio State and Penn State were bumped down after further review. After Quentin Castille's departure, I'm bumping Nebraska down as well. (Yet some people will still call me a homer...) Remember, this is all expectations so it all gets thrown away in about 11 days.
1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Oklahoma
4 Southern Cal
6 California
7 Alabama
8 Boise State
9 Virginia Tech
10 Oklahoma State
11 Ohio State
12 Georgia
13 Brigham Young
14 TCU
15 Penn State
16 Mississippi
17 Oregon
18 Utah
19 Kansas
20 Georgia Tech
21 Florida State
22 Nebraska
23 Oregon State
24 Miami (Florida)
25 Texas Tech

Notable teams left out: Notre Dame and the entire Big East. They'll have to earn their way in on the field.


AJ said...

So you've got them 22nd...but you're not a homer? Meanwhile, you have a brand new receivers and one injury prone running back with a 5'11 dude who looks like the 'you're getting a Dell kid' backing him up.

You're not a homer.

You're insane.

Husker Mike said...

Several ranked teams have a brand new QB. You're forgetting about the 2nd best TE in the league as well. And that "5'11 dude" won the same award that Matthew Stafford, Graham Harrell, and Booger won in high school. What does it matter what he looks like anyway?

Husker Mike said...

Well, the rest of College Football's bloggers have the Huskers #23. Guess most of the blogosphere is insane. Or maybe it's you.