Monday, October 31, 2011

BlogPoll Ballot: Huskers Look Like a Top Ten Team

When I bumped Nebraska out of the Top Ten in September, I left open the possibility of moving the Huskers back up once the defense started to play like we expected.  Well, that happened, and combined with a wacky weekend of football, I've moved the Huskers up to #8.  Homer pick?  Probably.  But here's my justification.  Nebraska didn't narrowly escape Vanderbilt or Duke...and Nebraska's victories over Ohio State and Washington keep looking better and better.
After that, it starts becoming a bit of a muddle. Wisconsin's probably the best two loss team in the country...and it took two Hail Mary's to give them those losses.  So I'm keeping them up in the standings for now.  Houston is an enigma; putting up big scores on nobodies.  Kansas State is back where I think they should be.  Southern Cal doesn't go down far for narrowly losing to a top five team...

Oklahoma State's blowout of Baylor finally convinced me to move them up to #3.  So they'll likely be #2 next week after the LSU/Alabama game.

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