Monday, December 17, 2012

Ominous Weather Pattern for UNO Outdoor Hockey Game

Last Friday, I mentioned the "LRC" theory of repeating winter weather, and how the weather on Thursday would reflect the weather pattern on February 9th for the UNO vs. North Dakota outdoor hockey game at TD Ameritrade Park.  Last Friday, the forecasts looked just fine.

Today, we now have Winter Storm Warnings for Wednesday night and Thursday.  What happened?  Did the LRC fail?  Maybe...though let's not forget, the storm hasn't actually occurred yet.  And the LRC did mention a storm; KSHB's Gary Lezak thought that the storm would form east of Kansas City and wallop the east coast later this week.

Now?  Well, the models now are talking upwards of 6+ inches of snow on Wednesday night into Thursday in Omaha.  It's silly to make any definitive predictions for February's weather in December (especially when you consider that three days ago, the weather for this week looked just fine), but it does point out that weather could be an issue.

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