Sunday, December 30, 2012

This Blog Entry Has Not Been Approved by Mike'l Severe

Watching tonight's Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl between Michigan State and TCU, the strangest tweet came from KOZN-AM's Mike'l Severe:
Except Maxwell was on the sidelines at the time...  Connor Cook was in the game.  And Twitter lit up...
And Severe acknowledged he was watching the game on tape-delay, commenting on what he was watching, not what was currently happening in the game.

So I suggested that maybe he shouldn't comment about things that happened 45 minutes ago on Twitter.
Well, that didn't set well with Severe, who let me know in no uncertain terms that he didn't appreciate my response.
 I clarified...but it was too late.  Severe threw a block on Twitter on me.
Now, of course, if it was Steve Sipple who was responding after-the-fact, Severe would be all over it with a "#tweetsSipWouldMake" ... but apparently, it's a lot easier to dish it out than take criticism.

Update: Severe admitted on-air a few months later to blocking me, along with the official Huskers Twitter account and several other media personalities. Guess I'm not alone...


Anonymous said...

He's a real piece He's blocked me long ago after he told me to stop listening to his show. I responded by telling him it was always good business for a radio host to tell people to stop listening to his show. He is exhibit A on why food critics shouldn't be sports hosts.

Steve Korgie said...

Severe has made it pretty well known that he blocks people all the time for just about anything and everything. I can see why really, just me being a normal person on the internet I get really tired of all the constant crap that people say that just brings me and everyone down and ties up my time with stupid internet arguments. With him being more of a public persona it's probably way worse and it's just easier to hit the block button than it is to deal with it on a daily basis. Who cares really? It's just the internet and isn't real life. Hell, I've blocked people that I talk to all the time in real life and when they ask me why I tell them it's because they were being a douche.

Section 37 said...

Mike'l Severe vs. Husker Mike. I'd pay money to watch that fight. :)

Anonymous said...

Steve he is in a business where it's his job to bring people in not turn them away.

Omababe said...

>He is exhibit A on why food critics
>shouldn't be sports hosts.

ROFL!!!! :)

Husker Mike said...

Blocking is a fairly permanent action in Twitter. Severe has every right to block people he doesn't want to converse with.

But the thing is...that's his job. He gets paid to discuss his opinions, but he's unwilling to accept any criticism. I personally thought it was constructive criticism. He looked foolish tweeting about an ongoing game where he was 45 minutes behind everybody else. I assure you, it wasn't meant to be mean spirited.

Severe's response was mean-spirited and offensive. The language wasn't appropriate.

And considering the number of times 1620 has used my work (and plagarized the work of others at CornNation) on the air on his show, it's rather undiplomatic.

And like the Count says...while Severe can tell people who don't like what he has to say to stop listening and to stop following him, if he does it too much, he won't have an audience left if he blocks everybody who takes issue with what he says. That's because his job is to generate dialogue and conversation, and if he blocks and turns away anybody with a dissenting observation, eventually there won't be anybody left.