Monday, February 10, 2014

How Does A Recruiting Disbeliever Survive National Signing Day?

It's nearly impossible to avoid recruiting hype anymore unless you fly off to a tropical island, it seems anymore. My first part of the plan was to not listen to sports talk radio.  Yep, no 1620 the Zone or 590 AM since last Tuesday.  Fortunately, SiriusXM has been running another free preview of satellite radio, which worked out great...except when Jimmy Buffet's "Why Don't We Get Drunk" came on with my four-year old son in the backseat.  That resulted in a quick scan to find another channel, but that's another topic entirely.

The internet was another matter entirely. Not going to web sites was easy, but how do you avoid it on Facebook and Twitter?  There's one solution, and it was harsh.  But the situation was desperate, and that called for drastic measures.

The Unfollow/Un-like option.

Yep.  I did a mass unfollow as the recruiting coverage began.  Bye-bye @Huskers.  So long @SamMcKewonOWH.  And yes, adios @CornNation - a site I even write for.

All told, I must have unfollowed nearly two dozen sources on Twitter on Wednesday. I'll probably start refollowing them this week.  Hopefully it shows up in their metrics, though that wasn't why I did it.  My reason is simple: I don't want to see it or read about it.  I simply don't care about it.   And apparently, I'm not the only one who feels that way.


devnet said...

This post felt halfway done. Its like I was waiting for the punchline for a joke that never came...what is the reason you DON'T like recruiting chatter?

Husker Mike said...

I guess I'd covered it so much, that I worried I was being redundant.

But this article from last year probably sums it up best.