Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Worst Day of the Year

I love college football, and just about everything associated with it.

Except recruiting.

Call it a "necessary evil", if you will. Recruiting is the lifeblood of any college athletic program; without players, there is no program. So recruiting is an important first step.  But that's all it is: a first step.

Nebraska fans should have learned a hard lesson from the Callahan years. Overemphasizing recruiting is counter productive. But it seems that many have chosen to forget those lessons.

I typically take this week off from blogging, but can't this year. Suffice to say my opinions about recruiting haven't changed.  I don't buy into the star ratings, and I certainly don't buy into the hype.

Even worse are the "fans" who think that interacting with recruits is a good idea.  Just look at some of the things that Husker "fans" said to Terrell Clinkscales after he flipped from Nebraska to Kansas State.  And if that's not enough, fans need to remember that it's an NCAA violation at it's core.
So yeah, I'm unplugging tomorrow. No Sharp and Benning on the drive into work; fortunately, SiriusXM is having another free preview. With all this snow, I'll probably flip to something to make me think warmer thoughts.  Maybe a hockey song...

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