Tuesday, May 26, 2015

With No More Husker Coverage, Time to Remove KFAB from the Car Stereo

I admit it. I'm a bit of a dinosaur who still mostly listens to AM and FM radio in the car. Our cars do have satellite radio, but they pretty much don't work while driving downtown. (So why would I spend $10 a month for it?) I'm not interested in wasting bandwidth by streaming internet radio either.  Besides, I don't want to cause a wreck by messing around with my phone while I'm driving.

And since I usually prefer listening about the sports I like (Huskers, Mavs and Cubs), I'm frequently listening to AM radio on the way to and from work. Thank goodness for Gary Sharp and Damon Benning's outstanding morning show on KOZN-1620 AM. More and more, I find myself listening to Nick Handley and Joe Quinn on KXSP-590 AM more and more, as opposed to 1620's afternoon train wreck of a show in the post-Kevin Kugler/Mike'l Severe era. It used to be that I'd listen to KFAB for traffic reports and an occasional Husker update, but that's no longer the case.

With the radio rights for Husker athletics moving to KXSP next season, KFAB is now out of the business of covering Husker sports. And with that move, there isn't any reason to tune into the hate talk that KFAB now embraces. Between Jim Rose and Chris Baker, the misinformation coming out of Dundee is truly astounding. So this weekend, I reprogrammed my car radio and removed KFAB from the presets, now that Husker baseball season is over.

So long KFAB. Somewhere in heaven, Lyell Bremser is shedding a tear.

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