Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Recruitniks Start to Panic

Well, the Recruitnik Nation (a wholly owned subsidiary of Husker Nation, All Rights Reserved) is all up in arms about recruit Josh Freeman switching his commitment from Nebraska to Kansas State. Predictably, the reaction is furious and lines up along the following lines:
  • He was overrated.
  • He is a traitor.
  • He has no integrity.
  • Kansas State has no integrity.
  • Good Riddance.
Let's be honest; Recruitniks are reacting in anger at being jilted. Freeman was supposed to enroll in Lincoln in 3 weeks; in many respects, this is like calling off the wedding after the shower. And these recruitniks are reacting emotionally, not intelligently.

Only the Freeman family will truly know whether this was the right decision or not; this was their decision to make. Fans who react angrily to Freeman should remember the case of Lydon Murtha, who switched his commitment from Minnesota to Nebraska 2 years ago. It happens on both ways; these are 17 year old kids making the biggest decision of their lives so far. Fans should not have been surprised; Freeman's status should have questioned when he started talking to Oklahoma and Missouri last month.

For those fans still whining and complaining about it: Get over it. This is recruiting, and it happens all the time. Ask Texas about Ryan Perrilloux.

This especially includes you, Mr. Husker Information Minister. Today, you displayed the arrogance that causes so many college football fans to hate Nebraska. It was a pathetic, disgusting diatribe that will probably earn you yet more kudos from the people you work for. It was arrogant. It was pompous. It was vindictive. It was being a sore loser.

He attacked Freeman, he attacked his family. He attacked Kansas State and their new football coach, Ron Prince. He claimed to have pity on Freeman for making the biggest mistake of his young life.

Jim Rose is a disgrace to the Husker football program.


Carl said...

I didn't hear Rose's comments on Freeman, but I have to say that I've always liked Jim Rose. I was very unhappy when he went to KC. Maybe his prompt return shows that I'm wrong in this case, but I like the guy.

I will concede that he probably feels a great deal of gratitude to Steve Pederson for the 'voice of the Huskers' gig.

His play-by-play could use some work...

Adam said...

Freeman's dad was on 1620 yesterday and he said 'how many of you made a decision when you were 17 that you wish you could change?'

People also forget about Ryan Schuler and Chris Brooks, two other guys who switched to our side, and what about Nate Johnson? One of the most exciting Husker basketball players in recent memory, he was committed to Oklahoma State...

Not to mention that Prince recruited Freeman heavily when he was at Virginia, now a chance to play for him and stay close to home?

I don't fault the guy.

Name one player who de-committed to Nebraska in recent memory that has gone on to make a huge impact anywhere? I can only think of one, and that's Haloti Ngata.

/rant off.

Anonymous said...

Consider the comments of Jim Rose vs. the actions of Freeman. Which is truely more childish?

Jim Rose has to say things like this in order to keep Slick Steve happy, and keep his job, but to berate a 17 year old kid (who most likely would only play as back-up to Beck) for making a life choice. Jim Rose is not privy to all the facts, maybe this kid wanted to be a chemical engineer, or vet, and K-State has colleges that rival any school. Maybe a couple of his high school friends are also attending K-State, maybe he wants to be close to home. Maybe he didn't want to listen to Jim Rose.

Maybe it was principal, and from the way Jim Rose has acted throughout the transition of Frank to Bill, and the comments made, prove that he has none.

AJ said...

Are you frickn kidding me?

Seriously..is that a joke?