Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Husker Information Minister

Listening to KFAB the last couple of mornings, I couldn't help but make this comparison. Yesterday, Jim Rose talked about the weekly press conference as "Meet the Depressed", while this morning, Rose couldn't believe that anyone could draw any sort of comparison between an Ohio victory over Pitt to a potential Pitt victory over Nebraska.

He even apparantly planted a call from a booster in Atlanta to prove that all is well in Husker nation, ignore a couple of boo-birds. Nebraska is undefeated, and the program has never been better. And he finished up by proclaiming that Nebraska is well on their way to a National Championship.

Sure sounds like Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf to me.


Anonymous said...

(This must be read with sarcasm in mind.) Let me see, Jim Rose giving Nebraska all the good press that it can handle even though the dogs are at the door. Do you think that maybe it had something to do with keeping his JOB!! If Jim didn't suck up to Pederson, how long do you think Rose would be the play by play guy at Nebraska?

Anonymous said...

I guarantee Jim Rose never played a sport at the high school level in his life.

What a wuss!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Jim Rose go to high school at Southeast in Lincoln, and Frank coached at Southeast in Lincoln about the same time. Maybe Jim was happy to see Frank go because Frank cut him from the football team!!!