Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Husker Hoops vs Oregon in Omaha

Now that the Nebraska-Oregon game has been announced for Saturday afternoon, December 15th, it's almost eerie the silence from the BrieJay fans. Perhaps they got all their complaining out of their system and resigned themselves to the fact that this is happening. Perhaps some of them finally realized how silly and immature their complaints were. Or maybe they're too busy trying to scalp College World Series tickets this week to worry about it. In any event, most of 'em have moved on. And the ones that haven't, well, have cemented their irrelevence. I believe Kevin Kugler pretty much summed it up yesterday:
"If you're a Bluejay fan, you must have one miserable life if Nebraska playing in a City-owned venue affects you in any appreciable way."
There's another golf outing tomorrow involving former Husker players and coaches...but this time, it's Husker hoops showing the football program how to do it. Doc Sadler invited former Husker coach Danny Nee to play in the first "Doc Sadler Golf Classic." Said Sadler last month:
"I want to make Nebraska basketball a program. I don't think you can do that if you pick and choose who is going to be in it. So I want to try to bring back everybody who has ever played or coached here, and make them feel a part of it."
I wish Sadler's boss and Bill Callahan would heed Sadler in this case. It would go a long way towards healing Husker Nation.

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