Friday, June 08, 2007

Maurice Purify: Stupidity Strikes Again

Score two more points for the Huskers in the Fulmer Cup standings, brought to you by Everyday Must Be Saturday: Husker wide receiver Maurice Purify follows up his assault charge from last month with a "driving while under the influence" arrest early this morning. Has Bill Callahan had enough of Purify? Perhaps, as he's suspended Purify indefinitely.

My take? I call this the third strike on Purify, with the first strike being the personal foul penalties last season. With that in mind, dismissal from the team certainly isn't out of line. Personally, I'd think about dismissal for this season, and give Purify the option of returning in 2008 (I believe he still has a redshirt season) if - and only if - he (a) gets treatment, (b) stays out of any further trouble, and (c) makes restitution to the community. In other words, he has to earn his way back onto the team in 2008. Sure, he theoretically could just go straight to the NFL, but the NFL isn't tolerating off-the-field issues either.

Some will talk about what losing Purify means to the offense in 2007, but they miss the point. The Huskers have no need for a player who can't control himself, whether it's a trash-talking safety, a bouncer at a bar, or driving drunk. Until he gets control of himself and his life, he is of no use to the Huskers.

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