Friday, January 18, 2008

Buh, buh, buh, Billy and the Jets

Former Husker coach Bill Callahan is back in the NFL, taking over as run-game coordinator and assistant head coach of the New York Jets. When the announcement was made earlier today, it looked like Callahan might end up being offensive coordinator, but Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer didn't get the Baltimore Ravens head coaching job.

Good for Bill. Although it seems bizarre for Callahan to be named the "run-game coordinator" given his love-hate relationship with "pounding the rock", it sure seems that the NFL is a better fit for Bill Callahan. Callahan usually said the right things about being the head coach, but I never really got the feeling he really meant it. I really question whether he'll get another shot as a head coach in the NFL or a BCS-level college program with his history with the Raiders and the Huskers, but that doesn't preclude him from a long successful career in the NFL as an assistant.

That might be construed as a cheap shot at Callahan, but it's more of a statement of reality. Callahan is 51 years old, and generally speaking, programs are increasingly looking towards younger blood for head coaches. This year in the NFL, 12 men were interviewed for head coaching jobs, and only two of those coaches had previous experience as a head coach.

But there's no need to feel sorry for Bill Callahan. Not only is he moving on in his professional career, he'll get a lump sum payout of $3.125 million before taxes on Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

True. Hope the best for him and the best for the huskers. The two things are sure to never be found as one in the same. I read somewhere that whatever he makes from the Jets will not payed into the total meaning that if he makes 500,000 then thats money NU doesn't pay in the buyout. If there is truth to it hopefully he makes 3 mil but I doubt it. GBR