Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hokies Pokey the Huskers

A few quick thoughts upon returning from tonight's game:
  • Nebraska's offense got itself into trouble once again by abandoning the running game in the first half. An ill-conceived 3rd and two pass was batted down...and the Hokies blocked the ensuing punt. Next offensive play? An interception. Yeah, Joe Ganz threw a touchdown pass shortly thereafter, but in the second quarter, Nebraska's I-back's only had two carries. Two carries. Two f-ing carries for the I-back in the 2nd quarter. Shawn Watson should be running steps tomorrow.
  • As I mentioned on the audio blog as I left the stadium, the secondary struggled with coverage of Hokie receivers quite a bit. That simply can't happen over the next couple of games.
  • Red zone defense is significantly improved this season. That's the good news. The bad news: the Hokies did get 4 field goals tonight.
  • Please, I'm begging. More Roy Helu at I-back. PLEASE!
  • No whining about the late hit call on Ndamakong Suh. It was the correct call. It looked like it on the HuskerVision screen, and it looked legit on my DVR. Don't know what Bo Pelini said to earn the unsportsmanlike conduct flag, but every Husker fan knew it was going to happen at some point. The fire and passion Bo Pelini brings to the Huskers was badly needed; hopefully Pelini learns how to manage it over time.
  • Give all the credit to the Hokies; they made the plays tonight. But Nebraska made way too many mistakes. Pelini acknowledged that as much on his post-game radio broadcast. There's going to be an awful lot of teaching going on this week in Lincoln.
  • Which is going to be necessary, because if Nebraska makes this many mistakes next week, Missouri could score 100.
  • Sarcastic quote of the week: “Va Tech is really going to have one hell of a time containing Nate Swift.” Ummm...Swift is a little faster than some folks give him credit for.


Xpinionated said...

Nice analysis from a Huskers point of a Hokie living in University of Georgia land, I'm used to fans making nothing but excuses when their teams lose. Great game and I look forward to seeing you guys in Blacksburg next year! Both teams should be better and I imagine ranked this time next year.

troy said...

I hope you are kidding about the Swift comment. He was DESTROYED all game long except for ONE play late in the game vs. a prevent D. It is so obvious our wr's are no close to Big 12 calibur it is not even funny. Macho Harris vs. Swift was like Mike Tyson in his prime fighting me.

Husker Mike said...

Macho Harris is going to be playing on Sundays next fall, barring any sort of injury.

AJ said...

Why did the image come into my heads, when your best wide receiver was waddling between missed tackles...of Steve Bono racing down the sidelines in Arizona that one time?

Dude springs one punt return against a team full of 18 and 19 years olds..and all of a sudden he showed me?

Tell you keep Nate Swift..and I'll take Jeremy Maclin. We'll call it a draw ok?


(And yes, dude below me is right...Swift played like crap the whole game prior to that play. Pretty lame swipe at me..but impressive nonetheless.)