Monday, September 29, 2008

Week 5 Power Poll

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Last week I said that USC was on cruise control to Miami. Problem is, the cruise apparently was recalled like the cruise on my old Ford Explorer. So long, USC. With the remaining games against the woeful Pac-10, it's going to be tough to get back into the mix.

1. Alabama (The whole point of the Power Poll is to evaluate every team based on what they've done...and nobody's done more on the field this season than boys of Saban. Say what you will about Saban's sliminess, but the man can coach...)
2. Oklahoma (It was tough to leave them #2 after demolishing TCU last week...)
3. LSU
4. Missouri
5. Texas
6. BYU (Heck of a rise without playing a game...)
7. Penn State
8. South Florida
9. Georgia
10. Utah

Big XII Standings
Colorado and Nebraska had disappointing losses, but they don't drop because nobody below them did anything to move ahead. So it's the same as last week:
1. Oklahoma
2. Missouri
3. Texas
4. Kansas
5. Oklahoma State
6. Texas Tech
7. Nebraska
8. Colorado
9. Baylor
10. Iowa State
11. Kansas State (Yeah you won...but giving up 37 points and 509 yards to the Ragin' Cajuns doesn't impress anybody...)
12. Texas A&M (Neither does a victory over Army...)

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