Friday, November 28, 2008

Husker Mike's PostGame Colorado AudioBlog

Initial, unfiltered reaction to Nebraska's 40-31 victory over Colorado.

Gabcast! Husker Mike's PostGame AudioBlog


AJ said...

I can almost hear the bong water boiling behind you. Just because you can dink 5 yards at a time and hold the ball all the way to the red zone doesn't mean you "dominated".

Dude, that was Colorado. Let's not get crazy here. But don't get me wrong...good win and you probably drizzle that down your leg if this was 2007. But let's get real...8 wins is better than you deserve to party in Jacksonville like it's 1998.


PS - Love the audio blogs though. I remember when I could do those...before the death threats. Which reminds me..those of you who hate my guts and want me to "stay on my own blog"...lighten up. It's just a game.

Husker Mike said...

Dude... you still have Colorado ahead of Nebraska in the North. So from your was an impressive win.

As for dominated, they opened the game with two quick scores that capitalized on a weak secondary. Props to CU for exploiting that weakness at the start. 5 minutes into the game, CU had 148 yards of offense. The remaining 55 minutes? 143 yards of offense. That's the domination.