Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Night Dessert: Enough of the Holidays

Hope everybody had a great holiday season, no matter what you choose to celebrate, whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Festivus.

As we were driving through North Bend on the way to visit some out-of-town relatives, I noticed that the Herbie Husker painting on the local Co-Op was finally gone. (It was a really bad painting, as it made Herbie look a little bit, well, not well...) In it's place was a rather nice portrait of North Bend's own Jake Wesch. Some artistic license took place as it shows Wesch rolling out for a pass in his Husker uniform, which probably hasn't happened in a game situation. But since Wesch was a quarterback in high school, they certainly have the right to salute Wesch any way they choose. The picture looked pretty good, though I only got a five second look at it as we drove through town.

More bad news for people still dreaming of a Chalco ballpark for the Omaha Royals: the Legislature is going to have enough trouble dealing with the revenue shortfalls resulting from the economy to consider any new spending projects. Especially one that's already been rejected twice when times were better. Sarpy County's ability to build a ballpark is going to be determined on "plan B"...but from all indications, we'll have to wait for the Legislature to officially reject the bailout before we hear how Sarpy County really thinks how they'll pay for this stadium.

Tomorrow night, UNO hockey (currently ranked #16 in the country by USCHO/CBS College Sports)begins a huge week of hockey with a game at Yale, followed by #8 Princeton on Tuesday night, then #17 Minnesota State Saturday night. This week might be the biggest games of the season so far.

Larry Asante sounds a businesslike tone for the Huskers:
"Me, personally, I didn’t come out here to have fun. It’s a game. I haven’t been out the past two nights. Me and Armando Murillo, we stayed in," he said. "Basically everybody in the secondary except for a couple of scout guys stayed in and watched film last night. It’s a business trip. We didn’t come out here to have fun."
Love the tone, and hope these guys finish it out. It sure sounds like the Huskers really want to win the Gator Bowl, and that's usually a big key to determining how a bowl game turns out.

Need any more proof that there are too many bowl games? I saw a report on TV this morning that Maryland had sold 16 tickets to Tuesday's Humanitarian Bowl. Well, it turns out that data is a little old (about three weeks old), but the news hadn't gotten much better. Now, Maryland's sales are up to 800. Woo, hoo! Cha, ching, Boise! Especially considering Georgia Tech only sold 250 tickets last year.

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