Sunday, December 07, 2008

Week 15 Power Poll: Three Teams/Two Spots

I really don't know how controversial things will be once the BCS standings come out; I think it depends just on how close things are. I don't accept that Florida is a lock for the BCS title game, as while the Harris Poll will likely have the Gators #1 this afternoon, the computers had Florida 6th last week. Now, the computers will move the Gators up at least one spot with Alabama's loss, but will that be enough to jump them over Texas Tech and Utah? Remember, Florida's home loss to Ole Miss is still the worst loss of all the team.

There are three viable candidates for the BCS title game in my opinion, with only two spots. Personally, I'd be happier with an Oklahoma-Texas rematch personally, but that's not necessarily the best matchup.
  1. Florida (Tim Tebow did it nearly single-handedly...)
  2. (really 1a; it's hard to choose between Florida and the Sooners) Oklahoma (Sam Bradford essentially did it single handedly, due to his hand injury, not to mention DeMarco Murray's injury.)
  3. Texas (Odd man out in my poll.)
  4. Alabama
  5. USC
  6. Utah
  7. Texas Tech
  8. Penn State
  9. Boise State
  10. TCU
Big XII Standings
  1. Oklahoma (I know you needed to make the case with the BCS, but you didn't need to leave Sam Bradford in the game to RUTS, Bob...)
  2. Texas
  3. Texas Tech
  4. Oklahoma State
  5. Missouri
  6. Nebraska
  7. Kansas
  8. Baylor
  9. Colorado
  10. Texas A&M
  11. Kansas State
  12. Iowa State


Mike said...

How can you rank Missouri over Kansas? KU beat MU, and lost much more respectably to OU (at Norman!).

The honest difference between the two teams records is that MU played Baylor (and nearly lost) and KU had to play Texas Tech.

Husker Mike said...

This sounds an awful lot like the whole OU/ut/TT debate down in the South...except by a bunch of teams on the outside of the Top 25, looking in.

Anonymous said...

Florida should be about 6th. OU is going to dismantle and embarrass them on Jan. 8.

OU 56
FLA 24

There will be plenty of holes in the Gator Zone for Bradford to exploit. It's gonna be ugly.

OU is on a mission for respect. It's gonna be bad in Miami.